Duct Repair and Maintenance

Duct Repair and Maintenance Services

Most people don’t realize the importance of ducts. They pay a lot of attention to the heating and cooling systems and ignore the duct system. The ducts are an integral part of your HVAC unit. Having a good maintenance company who know how to make sure that your duct system is working effectively is important to the overall quality of your HVAC system.

What are ducts?

Ducts are responsible for the fresh air that is brought into your HVAC unit. It also ensures that your heating or cooling system is effective, by distributing the cool or warm air throughout the house. If there is a problem with your ducts, your heating or cooling systems will not function properly and the air distribution will be weak. The effectiveness of your HVAC unit rests on the quality of your duct system. If your ducts aren’t installed properly, you will face problems with your ducts. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers Cooper Brothers, an HVAC company in San Jose has qualified professionals with years of experience who will do an efficient job on duct repair and maintenance. With 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers Cooper Brothers, you know you are in good hands. They pride themselves on their excellent duct service.

How leaky air ducts affect energy bills?

There are two ways that you will get affected by leaky ducts. Leaky ducts causes air to escape out and therefore your heating will not be effective and neither will the space cool down to a comfortable level. Leaky ducts means that your home will need a higher thermostat setting to get a room cooled or warmed up. This effectively means that your HVAC system has to work harder and longer, bringing you astronomical energy bills.

How will I know if my air ducts have leaks?

If your HVAC system is not cooling or heating as effectively as it should, the cause could be a leaky duct. The best choice is to call in a good maintenance company with plenty of experience. They will be able to figure out if the problem you are facing with your HVAC system is due to a leaky duct. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers have qualified technicians who are skilled at duct work and they can fix your duct system and get your home comfortable again.

HVAC ducts and indoor air quality

Ducts are the mainstays of your HVAC systems. Your cooling or heating system will function well only if your ducts are fine. One very important reason as to why you should make sure that the duct system works properly is, that if it doesn’t, your indoor air quality can be quite unhygienic. You can check the quality of your indoor air by asking for a free energy air audit. To do an energy air audit, professionals will come home and test the quality of your indoor air.

If the quality of air is sub standard, you should schedule a duct test with a good maintenance company. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, maintenance services in San Jose have experienced professionals who will come home and so a duct test for you. If they find any damage in the ducts, they will be able to fix the problem for you.

Schedule an appointment for free energy audit and duct test

If you want to check the quality of air in your homes, call 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers at 408-649-2008 to come over and do a free energy audit. If they find that your indoor air quality is not good, they will schedule a duct test and fix the problem swiftly and efficiently.

Offers/discounts towards repairing leaky ducts

As a member of our Preventive Care Club, you will be eligible for discounts upto 15% for replacements and repairs of leaky ducts. So, join our preventive Care Club now and enjoy all the benefits of a premium member.

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