Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

In the colder months, heating is not a luxury, but a necessity. That does not mean that during the warmer months, the heating system should be ignored. You don’t want to find out that your furnace isn’t working after it starts getting cold. HVAC systems need regular maintenance and tune ups, to make sure that they are working efficiently and to help them last longer. You need to have a dependable HVAC company who will ensure that your heating system is effective for the winter. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, an HVAC maintenance company in San Jose are the best people for the job.

Furnace Repair

Common Furnace Problems

1. The heating is not effective, resulting in higher energy bills and poor comfort levels.
2. If the furnace pilot light malfunctions, it may result in a decreased heat production or no heating at all.
3. If there is a problem with the start up or ignition control, your furnace may fail to come on.
4. Clogging and dirty air filters are one of the main causes for poor heating.
5. If the fan, belts or bearings of the furnace are not up to par, you will have heating issues.

Furnace Repair Company Santa Clara

If your furnace is not heating effectively, it is time to call the experts. You may call 408-649-2008 to reach 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, furnace maintenance company in Santa Clara to fix an appointment. Our customer service will note down your complaint and we will send our technicians to assess and fix the problem swiftly.

Furnace Replacement

Repair or Replace?

When your heating system goes down, it could be because of several reasons. It could have been improperly installed in the first place. It hasn’t been maintained properly. If it is very old, you will have the occasional problem now and then, even if you have maintained it well.

When your furnace stops working, a good maintenance company will offer you options on how best to deal with the problem. Depending on the age of your furnace they will give you a quote on whether it would be a better option to repair your furnace or replace it. Replacing the furnace may work out cheaper than spending a fortune every few months on repairs. At 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, we will give you the best possible advice on what would be the wiser option.

Different types of furnaces and heating systems

When you mention heating system, people usually think only of forced air furnaces. But there are other options available. These are some of the different kinds of heating systems which are effective. A good HVAC company like 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers will be able to advice you on what will work best for your home.

1. Forced air furnaces
2. Radiant heaters
3. Hydronic heating systems
4. Steam radiant heaters
5. Geothermal heaters

What to consider when choosing a furnace replacement

When it is time to buy a new furnace, there are several factors to consider. Do some research on the different types of furnaces available! Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Remember, the heating system should last, so get some feedback from people who have these furnaces installed in their homes. One of the best ways to figure out what kind of heating system to buy is by asking your HVAC company for advice. They will know what the best type of heating system for you is and also which is the best brand to buy. At the end of the day, it should suit your budget.

Benefits of energy-efficient furnace replacement

The benefits of energy efficient furnaces cannot be overstated. With green buildings and eco friendly products everyone is trying to do their bit for the planet. By choosing an energy efficient furnace, you are decreasing your carbon footprint. An energy efficient heating system may cost a bit more than a normal one, but you get your money back in no time at all as your energy bills plummet.

Furnace Replacement - Schedule an appointment

If your furnace has stopped working or if it isn’t heating effectively, it is time to make a decision. You need to decide whether you want to spend money on repairs or replace the furnace. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers will take a look at your heating system and they will be able to not only advice you on whether to repair or replace, but also help you figure out what kind of furnace to buy. Call 408-649-2008 to reach 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, HVAC company in San Jose to fix an appointment.


72 Degrees Cooper Brothers have a Preventive Care Program. If you subscribe to it, you will get a discount on maintenance, repair and replacements for your heating system. They also have an offer where you will get a free furnace when you purchase an air conditioner.

Preventive Furnace Maintenance

72 Degrees Cooper Brothers offers you the opportunity to become a member of their Preventive Care Club. As a member of this club you get various benefits. 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers Comfort Customers automatically receive pre-season check-ups twice a year. You don’t have to keep track of your maintenance check-ups. They will call you when it is time for a tune up and will come home at your convenience. During your check-up, your system will be professionally inspected, cleaned and tuned-up. You’ll enjoy better energy efficiency, better home comfort and lower utility bills.

The 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers Comfort Customers get priority service and a guarantee on parts replaced for a specified time. You are also entitled to discounts on replacement equipment.

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To get in touch with 72 Degrees Cooper Brothers, visit our appointments page and fill out the form. One of their customer service staff will get in touch with you immediately. You can also call 408-649-2008 to fix an appointment.